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Photo by Tom Wesse

City-Loops is a modular urban exhibition project by Gunther Schumann.

Skulptur Schilder


City-Loops is an urban exhibition project that can be modified like a construction kit. The central idea is to bring art to unusual and abandoned places and thereby make it accessible to a broad public audience.
These so called Non-Places are mostly inhospitable areas such as waiting rooms, intersections or parking lots that are usually not being used for artistic purposes.

This project has been created in course of a master project at HAW – University of Applied Sciences Hamburg.

Previous exhibitions:
2021: Künstlerhaus 188, Halle, Kunstkiosk Herr Fleischer e.V. Halle
2020: Mundsburg Hamburg, Rosarium Sangerhausen, iBug Zwickau, Lindenow Leipzig

Skulptur Bank

City in Fragments

The paintings and sculptures of City-Loops resemble a geometrical grid and deal with subjects of social coexistence in a metropolis. Several fictious scenes and procedures are being depicted that intersect and connect like puzzle pieces. They represent larger political and social correlations.

Not all of the motives are realistic portraits of cityscapes. City-Loops aims at creating associative spaces to spark viewer's own thoughts and narratives.

Every fragment contains its very own secret.

Skulptur Kreuzung

Personal Motivation

Between 2018 – 2020 Gunther Schumann lived in Hamburg. Subjects such as social isolation and lack of available creative space have dominated his experience. City-Loops is the artistic confrontation with these issues. However, the issues at hand do not only apply to Hamburg. More so, this project intends to evoke questions in a broader urban context:

– How do we want to live together in cities in the future?

– To what extend do we shape our living environment and to what extent does our living environment shape us?

City-Loops consits of
Icon Stellwand

Movable walls with up to 8 paintings each, that can be arranged like mosaics

Icon Skulptur

Wooden sculptures on pedestals

Icon Aufsteller

Several information elements and stand-ups to enhance the visibility in urban space

Icon Projektion

Interactive elements such as midi controllers and visual projection mapping

Exhibition Hamburg
City-Loop Machine #2
City-Loop Machine

City-Loop Machine #2

The City-Loop Machine#2 is an interactive art installation by Gunther Schumann in collaboration with Kulturkiosk Blohmstraße. The artist recorded local ambient noise and integrated field recordings into an audiovisual installation. By interacting with the City-Loop Machine, passers-by were invited to rediscover their usual urban environment.

The project was funded by the city of Hamburg-Harburg.

September 2022 - October 2022

Photos by Magdalena Schildai, Gorch von Blomberg and Gunther Schumann
City-Loop Machine
City-Loop Machine

City-Loop Machine

The City-Loop Machine is an interactive installation by Gunther Schumann. It features a midi controller that triggers up to 10 independent audio and animation loops. These clips can be layered so that a city soundtrack is being created. By painting the art kiosk from the outside it is emphasized as an urban sculpture in public space.

This project has been funded by: Kunstkiosk Herr Fleischer e.V.

December 2021 - January 2022

Photos by Tom Wesse
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I hope that you enjoy City-Loops. Should you have concerns or questions of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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